About us

Teradium is specialized in the built of satellite communication systems and networks and looks back to a heritage in the satellite business of more then 15 years. It is found in 2011 at the shores of Lake Constance and operates under German law.

Teradium is committed to bring its customers the most advanced and reliable high-speed data satellite systems on the market.

Since the start-up in 2011 Teradium has designed and supplied fix, nomadic, on-the-halt and on-the-move satellite terminals for commercial and institutional customers.

Teradium is specialized in the design and engineering of satellite stations and networks, supply of application specific capacity, global data connectivity and supports its industry partners and institutional customers in the developments of their large-scale projects.

Teradium has participated in many years of small, medium and large scale satcom projects, and has setup trustful partnerships within the satellite industry. The achieved capabilities enables us to support our customers in their satcom projects and to develop the customized satellite communication systems of demand.

Teradium proudly looks back to the supplies of compact and most agile high-performance mobile satellite solutions and networks on the market and is committed to supply the satcom systems of the future.