​Drive News Ka

The Ka-series DRIVENEWS antenna systems are light-weight auto-pointing auto-peaking antenna systems. The antenna systems come in complete with reflector, motorized mount, drives and high precision encoders, antenna control unit, handheld or tablet PC and necessary electronics for pointing/peaking. The complete antenna systems can be installed on standard vehicle rail (75Kg or 100Kg type rail) with no further coach-building.

The DRIVENEWS antenna systems are plug and play and operated with minimal satellite communications knowledge.

The Ka-series DriveAway terminals are equipped with ViaSat™ SurfBeam® 2 Pro technology to operate the TD-120Ka and TD-77Ka via globally available Ka-band satellites. Both terminals allow high-speed two-way performance up to 40Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream. This makes it ideal for any internet backbone or backup link for broadband internet access or broadcast SD/HD live transmissions.

The KA-series DRIVENEWS systems offer news agencies, broadcasters and corporates a low cost entry in broadband satellite communications. Governmental organizations prefer the Ka-band DRIVENEWS systems due to its easy “ONE BUTTON” operation and lightweight and rugged design for broadband IP applications on 4×4 vehicles mainly operated for boarder control, disaster recovery and homeland security.