​TD 77 Ka

​TD  77 Ka

The DRIVENEWS™ TD-77Ka is a fully motorized, offset, 2-axis Ka-band auto-pointing antenna system with a 77cm Ka-band reflector. The antenna system is designed in overall with extremely stable mechanics. With the universal antenna controller, the system offers instant high performance, plug and play satellite IP connectivity with up to 40Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. The TD-77Ka is designed to be operated in wind speeds up to 98km/h keeping the pointing accuracy within the 0,2° window. Transportability on the vehicle up to 205km/h.

  • 0,77m offset antenna system
  • 4W Ka-band TRX
  • SurfBeam® 2 professional modem

For full Technical Specifications download the TF 77 Ka brochure.