​TD 150 Ku

The TD-150 Ku is a lightweight fully motorized Gregorian dual-offset antenna system made in all carbon-fibre technology. The precision, accurate reflector surface and dual optic design provides remarkably low side lobes and excellent cross polar performance.

  • 1,5m all carbon-fibre reflector, sub-reflector and feed arm
  • compliant with satellite operator specifications
  • extended Ku-band, DBS and X band operation
  • 3- axis motorized pedestal with built-in manual drive gear system in case of emergency use
  • easy and fast antenna deployment and operation with a single touch smart button
  • aerodynamic POD design for improved vehicle performance safe driving, and housing for outdoor electronics
  • vehicle battery motor control through ACU in case of electricity problem
  • automatic satellite pointing and peaking
  • inclinometer, electronic compass GPS receiver
  • auto-positioning software
  • remote control panel
  • satellite tracking (Step track, Intelligent Track™)
  • remote control SW via LAN

For full Technical Specifications download TD 150 Ku brochure.