The NEWSNG Smart is specially designed for every level of operation as a fast news reporting vehicle, ideal as a multi-camera compact digital production vehicle built on Mercedes Sprinter.

The precision coach building and optimized interior design, complete insulated interior, lightning, powerful air-con and optimized interior spacing allows inside daily comfortable working. The design allows an easy ONE TOUCH operation with sufficient space for desk and seating for journalist, making an transmission engineer unnecessary.

The systems consist of all mayor SNG subsystems: The automatic auto pointing antenna system with 1,5m, 1,2m or 0,9m aperture size, single or redundant transmit/receive subsystem with multi-channel option housed inside antenna POD, SD/HD DVB baseband equipment, spacing for audio/video production of 3 to 4 cameras and high quality professional wiring, transmission audio/video monitoring.

The NEWSNG Compact is powered with onboard silent AC generator and DC UPS system.