Design and Built

Design and Built

Specialized design and digitalization tools are applied to design and built customized parts, necessary for our specialized solutions.

All earth stations, systems and subsystems are designed in CATIA V5. Components not available in CAD format can be digitized using
optical scan systems. Digitalization of our solutions allows customer at pre-built stage to exactly view the result in 3D perspective. The computerized process from design, through construction to built, includes our customers actively in this process.

In-house CO2 laser cutting technology delivers highest precision and perfect edge quality. The parts are further processed through bending, welding and surface processing. Finally the parts are assembled and surface coated to give the perfect quality.

Design, construction and production of prototypes or series production allows the fast adaption to customer requests or the built of specialized parts. Teradium’s computerized process management allows the built of customized, lightweight and highly specialized designs, not possible with standard industry supply chains.

The computerization of all Teradium processes from CAD design until built of parts, makes possible of the built of the most versatile SATCOM mobile platforms for ground, maritime and aero applications.